Xbox One CPU speed boosted by 10% in vain attempt to keep up with PS4

Xbox One CPU speed boosted by 10% in vain attempt to keep up with PS4
There were ZERO (0) original Xbox issues. The PS2 slim was designed to remove the disc tray completely because of all the issues with that particular problem. I had a couple of PS2 break in this way, where you had to use a fork to pry open the disc tray.
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Xbox 360 RF module + Arduino

A combination of the work from: Alex Martinez – and Yaywoop –…

CES gadgets: My, how far we've come

CES gadgets: My, how far we've come
The consumer technology trade show first launched in New York in 1967. Since then, it has been the place where many technologies, such as the VCR and Xbox, got their big break. Here's a look at some of the gadgets that have debuted at CES and some …
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What We Played #137: Warframe, Ni No Kuni & Broken Sword 5
After 30 hours of playing I have chucked the devs a few quid for the Platinum to buy myself a Sentinel, basically a pet with a laser pistol, as I thought I owed them that much for the enjoyment I've had playing Warframe. … I also picked up an Xbox …
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Holiday Wish List
Meijer, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Marsh or gas gift cards; digital camera; DVD players; CD players. Down Syndrome Indiana, Lisa Wells, 925-7617, … Youth and seniors-friendly tables and chairs, non-perishable food items, G-rated Wii and Xbox games, in-kind …
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Critics' Picks

Critics' Picks
'The Summit'. A compulsively watchable documentary about a deadly 48 hours in which 11 people died on K2 is a complex and gut-clenching human drama that has the great advantage of all being true. (Kenneth Turan) Read more …
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Neighbors concerned by pedestrian deaths on S. Claiborne Avenue
"My uncle got hit right across the street from where we're at, crossing the street because its dark and they don't have any lights out here," said Harrington. During daylight hours and after dark, neighbors confirm cars … Red and blue flowers mark …
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Parish Pump Uckfield – October 11, 2013
ALL SOULS: At Evening Prayer for All Souls on Sunday November 3 we will remember those of our family and friends who have died giving thanks to God for them. If you would like someone to be … Please ring Russell Davison on 01825 713531 if you can …
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How to Get Free Internet on your Xbox 360! (Without Wifi Adapter)

You can thank me by joining the invite-list for my new startup company at Learn how to get a free xbox live connection on your xbox w…
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